Jon Chapetta

Jon Chapetta – Owner and Head Coach

Jon has been coaching people for 15 years and he loves helping Fitness4ward members reach their goals. He moved to San Diego in 2007 and got his B.S in Biology with the intention of going to medical school.  He coached people to be fitter while in college and soon realized that he loved working with people and giving them the tools to become physically and mentally stronger.  He found that many of his clients were coming off blood pressure, diabetes, and depression medication.  It was at that moment where he decided to pursue passion in coaching people to become healthier and fitter instead of going to medical school.

He founded Fitness4ward in 2010 and has never looked back.

Jon Chapetta

Joshua Sakover – Strength Coach

Joshua is a former Collegiate athlete, Current Personal Trainer, and a forever student of health and fitness . Here at Fitness4ward , My mission is to empower Men And Women to take control of their lives. Through Physical activity , Self actualization , and the forever discipline to grow stronger. With our positive community, dedicated Coaches, and challenging workouts , we will help you catapult through your physical barriers, and erase your mental barriers .. are you ready to take your Fitness4ward ?

Dr. Cristina Zheng – Physical Therapist

Dr. Cristina Zheng is a doctor in physical therapy in San Diego, CA.  She graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. She then went on to earn her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of St. Augustine, where she had extensive education in manual therapy and orthopedics.

As an athlete growing up, she had experienced multiple injuries that exposed her to physical therapy. Physical therapy helped her return to competitive sports and led her to pursue a career in bridging the gap between fitness, health, and rehab.

She is passionate about the promotion of wellness, strength & conditioning, and injury prevention, both for herself and her patients.  Her clinical focus is to identify, treat, and prevent athletic injuries in order to help her patients return to their athletic and fitness goals.  Through hosting seminars and workshops, she believes in empowering her patients with tools to self-identify and treat themselves in order to decrease their risk of injuries, increase athletic performance and improve quality of life.

Jon Chapetta

Adriana De Leon –

Yoga Stretch Coach

New Client Coordinator 

Adriana is a Certified Health Coach, she specializes in helping new members get their groove in the sessions. She helps set them up with the right coaches and gives them motivation every day by reaching out and encouraging them.  She loves coaching people on how to stretch and maintain a healthy flexibly body as well as a healthy mindset towards food and body image. You should definitely stay to her Yoga stretch session on Saturday’s after the bootcamp session!

Jon Chapetta

Lori Kurzenberger – Strength Coach

Lori earned two degrees from the University of Scranton including a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Master’s of Occupational Therapy. She has been practicing occupational therapy for 15 years in a variety of settings including spinal cord injury, orthopedics and pediatrics. Lori started training at Fitness4ward in 2017 where she became passionate about fitness and nutrition through group training. She went on to become a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in January of 2019. Lori brings a strong set of clinical skills from her medical training as well as a motivating energy to the group training sessions. She wants to educate, enrich and empower clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle through a comprehensive, challenging and engaging fitness program.